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Winter update

Winter update
13 дек 2009

Hello again :D

Please grant me a chance to thank you for beta-testing our ‘shelf’.
Some of you gave us advices, some of you said nothing, but you all did a great job just by using our site. We were able to find lots of weak points. For example, we found that we aren’t satisfied with the whole performance of MyAnimeShelf. Ouch!

What did we do? During last week… we fully rewrote MyAnimeShelf engine *_* Now it isn’t that heavy-working and should load much faster. Can you notice it?
Citizens of Russia and East Europe may still experience some problems through providers fault.

And here is a list of other sweeties:

  1. Password recovery service is working after all!
  2. New users don’t have to create ‘rooms’ for them by clicking a button anymore. All ‘rooms’ will be created automatically.
  3. My Stuff menu design was slightly changed.
  4. Everyone’s shelves design was slightly changed:
    • «View all» button was added: it will bring up your full collection including preordered figurines (but no wished figurines).
    • For those who enjoy creating their own shelves — you are now given an opportunity to choose a number of shelf-lines for each of your custom shelf. Thus you won’t have to view long empty shelves anymore, ya?
    • We also removed grey empty squares in viewing mode. They are visible in editor mode only. I guess you understand what I’m talking about.
    • If you upload at least one pic of your figurine, its avatar will have a dark brown border instead of grey on your shelf.
  5. Comments are now full AJAX. In other words, page won’t be fully refreshing while posting comments.
  6. Photo viewer is now also full AJAX.
  7. MyPhotos service now includes upload progress bar.
  8. Hentai filter was added to Photo spot :D
  9. Other manufacturer option was added to ‘Add a figure!’ form as we promised.
  10. Rating bug (the one which dealt with refreshing) was finally fixed! Yuppie!
  11. Several other (mostly IE) bugs were fixed. Why is IE so crappy?

I guess, that’s all for today. Finishing my monologue I’d like to say that this update was a massive preparation for the next one, which we intend to launch before the New Year. It will be a kind of winter present for our users and a first step to what MyAnimeShelf was truly planned to be.

pluvia33 (USA)
13 дек 2009, 11:13:16
2 (2)
Оцени коммент!
Cool, I was wondering why the site went down for a little bit. I'm still trying to get used to things here, but I like some of the updates already. You didn't mention it, but I like how clicking the "My Profile" link on the side bar actually takes you to your profile page and there's an "edit" link beside it now. Before clicking "My Profile" would take you to edit mode and the only way you could view your own profile was to go to your shelf page and click the "My profile" link on there. That seemed kind of weird and I'm really glad it was fixed. I also really like the "View all" option and the borders around the avatars are a really nice touch.

Keep up the great work! ^_^
usagi_joou (Russia)
13 дек 2009, 12:10:06
2 (2)
Оцени коммент!
お疲れ様てした! Keep up the good work.
And BTW can't wait for the puresento update! I'm intrigued^^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
mu597 (USA)
13 дек 2009, 16:24:21
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!
Thanks for the update!

I encountered a new problem though. When I was adding a figure to the database I accidentally hit enter and it submitted the incomplete form! : (
Glory (Russia)
14 дек 2009, 11:05:17
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!
Ya-ya, it's very annoying. It was. Thanks to your report we've already fixed it :) Can I ask you to resubmit the unlucky figurine?
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
mu597 (USA)
14 дек 2009, 14:28:34
0 (0)
Оцени коммент!
ok, will do!
Eld (Canada)
13 дек 2009, 20:42:15
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!

The loading difference is painfully different.

I'll get back to you on the bugs after I enjoy the wonderous loading speed.
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
Glory (Russia)
14 дек 2009, 07:13:35
0 (0)
Оцени коммент!
Bugs are always welcome :D
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
Velorn (Russia)
14 дек 2009, 09:40:11
1 (1)
Оцени коммент!
I'm sorry for my bad English xD

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