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Please welcome our small up-date!

Please welcome our small up-date!
24 ноя 2009

Here we go:
— Wish List was added (full AJAX)
— a description field for photos was added (now you can provide your pics with a small description without necessity of creating a blog post)
— a feature that allows users to edit their comments was added (beware, you will have only 30 minutes to do it)
— an improvement in authorization form was made («Remember me?»; cookies support is needed)
— a clumsy 'News Block' message was added to our main page *_*
— e-mail notification was upgraded
— some fixes in site template was made (keep in mind, MyAnimeShelf isn’t optimized for Internet Explorer 6)
— some general improvement in site engine was made

Well-known fails:
— there is a kind of rating bug: when you press the button, but nothing seems to happen — actually your vote is counted, but pictures do not refresh — ups!
— password recovery service does not work correctly (if you appear to forgot your password, don’t hesitate to contact me straight away)

We also plan to add 'View all figurines' feature to your shelves for those of you who are too lazy to arrange their figurines themselves. It will also come in handy if one wants to observe one’s whole collection.

Thanks everyone for interest in our project!

Velorn (Russia)
23 ноя 2009, 15:44:07
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Оцени коммент!
i love you all =)
I'm sorry for my bad English xD
riraito (Russia)
28 ноя 2009, 14:09:32
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Оцени коммент!
+ size of uploading images increased up to 10 Mb (Vallefor send me e-mail)

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