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HoiHoi-san Mini

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Hoi Hoi's

On Friday I received a package that contained standard Hoi Hoi and Combat-san kits. They were a bit of an impulse buy but I had a strong urge to build some model kits so it couldn't be helped. I spent most of yesterday and today building them. I'm starting to grow a nice army of these now. Here...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 13 фев 2011

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From Russia With Love

Today I received a rather large and mysterious package from Russia. Moe and my HoiHois decided to help me open it. (btw in this first picture you can also see my “massive” gaming setup) The HoiHois cutting it open. After opining it I learned that it contained four wrapped presents and a le...

mu597 | Личное | 23 янв 2011

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