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High Priestess Yukiko Amagi

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my custom shelf - Part 3

(rewriting this again) Hi again....i had a little problem with the page, so the entry disappeared.....Anyway Hi again!! welcome to the entry. this time im gonna show you the last part of the custom shelf!. by the way i already bought another shelf hahaha, but i dont know if im going im going to put...

pixiefrog | | 21 мар 2014

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My christmas present #2 - Yukiko Amagi

My second Christmas gift was from me to me haha . so i got a new yukiko amagi figure ( i have 3 more). This one cost me 28 dll on ebay, it was as an used item but the figure was in a great shape. the only thing was so bad was the box, but im not that kid of persons that suffers for box damage. So...

pixiefrog | | 29 дек 2013

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Figure News: Май 01

Доброго утра тебе полочка :З И вообще всем всем! Прошлая неделя наименовалась Golden Week, поэтому фигурок почти не выходило)) зато на этой неделе MegaHouse да и Bandai развлекались как могли:DDD Комплитки 1) Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Из: аниме TIGER & BUNNY Производитель: MegaHouse Релиз...

RubeeAmadare | Фигурки и куклы | 12 мая 2012

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