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Real Action Heroes No.297: Ginko

аватар поста:

RAH Body Repair - Success!! (Ginko)

Hello all!!! Today I am back with more RAH chatter...like a broken record, I know, sorry!! So if you've read any of my last few articles, you know that I have been on the hunt and experimenting around with repairs and replacement parts/bodies for the older RAH figures. Medicom decided to use th...

Stacycmc | | 18 июл 2018

аватар поста:

Mushi-shi's Ginko - Another Grail Scored!

Hello MAS!!! So as some of you likely know (based on prior articles :D)...I've become a bit in love with RAH figures. I will clearly state however it is a LOVE / HATE relationship...without a doubt. Before we get into the specifics of that however, let me say...that I got one of my grails i...

Stacycmc | | 29 июн 2018

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Figure vacantion in Sharm el-Sheikh - Part 1 - First days with RAH Ginko

As I already mentioned, Ginko turned out to be a very good model. He is easy to pose, and, because he is 1/6 scale (big enough), I found many good backgrounds for him. We arrived late, barely made it for dinner (or supper, how we would call it in Russia). We checked in our two-storey Duplex suite...

usagi_joou | Фигурки и куклы | 20 янв 2010

аватар поста:

Dream of a Ginko Mushishi

I came up with a couple of decent subjects for a blog post. But last night (actually, morning) I had a dream^^ So, instead of elaborating on those subjects, I'll tell you about what I saw in my sleep. It is not totally unrelated to figures thought, cause I've seen this gentleman: This would be...

usagi_joou | Фигурки и куклы | 13 ноя 2009

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