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Osaka Swim Wear Ver.

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Summer picspam

I was thinking of selling my Asuka figure so I thought I should at least take some pictures of her. I grabbed a bunch of figures, asked my friend Maya to join us and dragged her to the nearby lake. At first everything was great, plus the weather was awesome: pretty warm and sunny but not hot enough...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 17 июн 2011

аватар поста:

Birthday package *O*

I received a big birthday package few days ago and I finally decided to make a post :D I remember spotting Akashi-san soon after I've made an account here and I thought I'd get her no matter what at the moment I've seen her. After putting a preorder I thought I should at least check an anime sh...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 29 мая 2011

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Starting Off Summer With Some Swimsuits

Summertime is almost upon. When it comes to me and my anime fandom, there's a couple of things to perk my interest. First and foremost is convention season (more specifically, the two big anime conventions of the summer when it comes to the United States, Anime Expo and Otakon). While I'm more than...

ToonAddict | Фигурки и куклы | 08 июн 2010

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