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Eureka with Skyfish Ver.

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Summer picspam [2]

This weekend I was visiting my grandma and of course I took some figures along. There are too many photos I want to show to spam them all in photo section, so let it be a blog. I wanted to take pictures of Evangelion PORTRAITS series for a long time, I actually like them a lot since they're small...

TomatheSpook | Личное | 02 авг 2011

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Summer picspam

I was thinking of selling my Asuka figure so I thought I should at least take some pictures of her. I grabbed a bunch of figures, asked my friend Maya to join us and dragged her to the nearby lake. At first everything was great, plus the weather was awesome: pretty warm and sunny but not hot enough...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 17 июн 2011

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New Friends [2]

Сначала я ленилась, потом училась (на редкость удачно сдались все экзамены, ненавистное училище почти законченно), а в это время мне наприходило шмигурок, сейчас буду хвастаться. Во-первых Эврека: фигурка, о котрой я мечтала несколько лет *-* Года три-четыре назад видела ее не ебее долларов за 10...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 08 апр 2011

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