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Movie Masterpiece Captain Harlock With Throne of Arcadia

аватар поста:

So far in 2018.... LOOTS!!!

Hello MAS!!! Welcome to my "so far in 2018" loot post! LOL. Since my monthly loot posts would be pretty boring I decided to do a mid-year (or almost mid-year) loot post with all my items from Jan'18 through early May'18. ***WARNING - PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!*** 1. If...

Stacycmc | | 14 мая 2018

аватар поста:

.....Captain Harlock to rule them all!!!!

**WARNING: Lots of Pics!!!** Hello Fellow Shelfers!!! So, after a while of searching and just being on the fence on whether or not to pull the trigger on the regular Captain Harlock from Hot Toys (Standard Edition Captain Harlock) or the one with the Throne of Acadia (Extra Super Special Edit...

Stacycmc | | 12 апр 2018

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