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Kitazawa Rikiya

Rikiya Kitawaza is a thug attending Koyuki's middle school and a childhood friend of Hyodo. He owns a Fender Jaguar. At first, he is quite hostile towards Koyuki, because of a minor incident caused by Hyodo's gang which resulted on Koyuki accidentally dropping his guitar and breaking off a splinter of it, though it takes a little longer before Hyodo squeals Koyuki to him. He once tried to beat up Koyuki, even bending broken the guitar pick that Maho had given him, only to be beaten up himself by Chiba. After finding out that Hyodo had forced Koyuki to pay for his damaged guitar and confronting him at the school's cultural festival, however, he starts taking a liking to Koyuki and his band, later showing his support to Koyuki at Greatful Sound 5. He is also fond of Ryusuke's guitar playing, calling him the "Japanese Jimmy Page".


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