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Seo Shizune

Японское имя: 瀬尾 静音
Shizune is gifted with special eyes can sometimes see future events, a fact that she usually keeps a secret in order to avoid being mistreated by those who would doubt of her ability. Due to her power she carries complex feelings, for example she is bad at studying, but with her power obtaining the first place in every school exam is easy as the image of the answers will automatically come to her. She also feels guilty since whenever she reads the future of a person that equates to read a part of that person's life without permission. But, her biggest complex is her belief that whenever she foresees a disaster, she can't mend it at all; she strongly believes as the future that she sees as absolute and unchangeable, and thus sees herself as someone "cursed" to witness events without been able to do anything about it.


Voiced by: Iguchi Yuka


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