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Kuze Hibiki

Японское имя: 久世響希
Прозвище: Kagemiya Hiro, Shining One
Age: 18
Birth date: June 6
Favourite music: J-Pop, Classical
Favourite food: Sweets

Hibiki Kuze is calm yet cheerful, and a somewhat laid-back young man, especially around his best friend, Daichi. He is very good at studying, finishing his mock exam with ease, but still unsure about his future afterwards. After the world is restored, however, he comes to have more optimistic outlook on his future. He is not easily attracted to girls that are considered popular, finding Io no different in particular, which made Daichi state that something is wrong with him as a man, though he replied that everyone's type is different.

Despite the sudden dangerous situation he got himself into, he is mostly quick to regain his composure and shows little to no fear in order to protect his friends and would fight with his life on the line, even though he doesn't actually want to fight. He has a sharp mind and is perceptive, quickly adapting to any situation. He is likewise reliable, but when his emotions got the better of him, he became rather impulsive and reckless in his action to the point of nearly being suicidal. Hibiki has a strong sense of what is right and a firm believer of human potential, which is the primary reason he often argue with Yamato.

Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya


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