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Sailor Chef

Японское имя: セーラーシェフ
Sailor Chef was a Phage created when Sailor Iron Mouse removed Tetsurou Yoshinogawa's Star Seed.

After an episode of his cooking show was finished being filmed, Tetsurou left the studio but was confronted in the hallway outside by Sailor Iron Mouse. She removed his Star Seed and he transformed into Sailor Chef.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrived, and Sailor Jupiter stunned the Phage using Jupiter Oak Evolution. As Sailor Moon was about to summon her Eternal Tiare to heal him, however, the Phage offered her a chocolate cake. Quickly distracted, the Sailor Senshi proceeded to dig into the cake and did not notice as Sailor Chef pulled out a large knife and prepared to attack.

Sailor Star Maker arrived just in time and knocked Sailor Moon away, then used Star Gentle Uterus to knock Sailor Chef down again. This time, Sailor Moon successfully returned him to human form with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Sailor Chef had a body made of metal, including a metal chef's hat. He had a large cooking pot on his back filled with various kitchen tools, which he would remove to use in his attacks.

Sailor Chef attacked by using various kitchen implements, all of which were sharpened and deadly. He also had the ability to materialize food out of nowhere, as seen when he created a chocolate cake to distract Eternal Sailor Moon.


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