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Spice Girl

Японское имя: スパイス・ガール
Spice Girl is the stand of Trish Una featured in Part V: Vento Aureo.

Spice Girl is a female humanoid with several mathematical signs on her body: two plus signs rest on her shoulders, two on her elbows and one on her forehead, followed by a division sign on her brow and a multiplication sign on her head's crown. Unlike most stands, Spice Girl seems to have a consciousness separate from Trish, and has even been seen giving her advice during battle. Trish first becomes aware of Spice Girl's existence due to the stand actually speaking to her when she was panicking over what to do about Notorious B.I.G.. Of note is the fact that, unlike most stands, Spice Girl provides a name for herself. Her attitude and strength of character are also reminiscent of Trish's first appearance. Her battle cry references their song Wannabe.

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Super Action Statue 52 Spice Girl

PVC, ABS, Medicos Entertainment

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JoJo`s Bizarre Stand Collection: Spice Girl


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Chara Heroes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Vento Aureo Vol.2: Spice Girl

ATBC-PVC, Tokimeki.com

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Stands Collection Figure Keyholder Vol.12: Spice Girl

PVC, Metal, Banpresto

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