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Yokodera Youto

Японское имя: 横寺 陽人
Прозвище: Hentai Ouji
Yōto is the main protagonist and a second-year in high school. He is portrayed to be secretly a huge pervert yet he cannot express his inner self truly because his deeds are always misunderstood, due to being unable to say what's on his mind. He even claims that he joined the athletics club so he can see girls in swimsuits, but even that is misunderstood due to his actions. So he heads one night to the Stony Cat statue to wish for it to take away his façade, since it's getting in the way to life freely. However, it isn't until he wishes on the Stony Cat statue to stop lying, stop putting up a front, and stop dodging questions that causes him to get into trouble. It seems that the Stony Cat statue granted his wish, but granting it precisely as he wished it. So for a time, he loses his 'façade' (tatemae) to the Stony Cat statue (by given it to someone else who needs it), which he later recovers it back from Azusa (who had gain it), but during the time without his façade, he openly speaks everything on his mind, including all of his perverted thoughts, causing him to receive the nickname the 'Pervert Prince'.

As a child, he had given up his memories for the Tsutsukakushi sisters. Though over time, he becomes closer to Tsukiko, Azusa, and Tsukushi.

Voiced by: Yūki Kaji


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