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Японское имя: オモイ
Omoi is a shinobi of Kumogakure, and a member of Team Samui. He is Killer Bee's student along with the other two members of his team.

Omoi is dark skinned with spiky white hair like most Kumo nin. He is always seen sucking on a lolipop. As a sword user he carries his sword on his back with the one strapped Kumo Flack Jacket.

He is a very careful ninja, and likes to think things through before acting. He is more level-headed than his teammate Karui, but has a habit of exaggerating the end result of minor things (like when Karui threw a rock at him and he believed it would cause an avalanche and destroy Konoha). He also has respect for people who stand by their word, even if they are the enemy. He is a very intelligent ninja.

He has amazing speed, and is able to move around the battlefield in the blink of an eye. His taijutsu skill is good, being able to move around fluidly with his teammates. He also uses swordplay in his fighting style, like most Kumogakure shinobi.

His name is a pun on two words which have the pronunciation "Omoi":
重い, which means "heavy", contrasting with Karui, which means "light".
思い, which means "thought", alluding to his thoughtful manner.


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