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Miyakonojou Oudo

Японское имя: 都城 王土
Прозвище: Create
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB

Oudo Miyakonojou is a senior of Class 13 and is a member of the Flask Plan's Thirteen Party. His project name is Create. Oudo is the chief antagonist of the Flask Plan Arc.

Oudo believes he was born a king and everyone else a servant to him. He compares watching the sun rise to the way other people look in the mirror each morning; the sun is the only thing on par with him. He shows a casual disregard for the feelings and safety of other people, even his fellow members of the Thirteen Party. Oudo takes a special interest in Medaka Kurokami after meeting her for the first time and decides to make her his wife. Oudo’s appreciation for Medaka extends only so far as her abilities and appearance however; when given the chance to rewrite her personality, he decides to fill her mind with evil intent, so that she will submit to no one but him. Oudo’s superiority complex is a result of his own abilities; they are too great for him to control, and over time they steadily warped his sense of self. Because of this, Oudo quickly loses his composure when he finds himself losing a fight, and is aghast at the thought that there might be an Abnormality greater than his own. After his defeat at Medaka’s hands, Oudo promises to change his ways and apologizes for his actions. After spending time in Europe, Oudo is shown to still talk about himself in a superior fashion, but is much more friendly to other people. When he appears again in the Shiranui Village, Oudo seems to have abandoned all ego completely.

Voiced by: Kiyoshi Katsunuma


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