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Belforma Spada

Японское имя: スパーダ・ベルフォーマ
Game Tales of Innocence

Age 17
Hometown Regnam
Weight 71 kg
Height 177 cm
Weapon Dual Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Yuji Ueda

Spada Belforma is one of playable characters of Tales of Innocence.

Spada is a delinquent that was arrested after causing a fight upon awakening to his powers as a Fallen. He is the reincarnation of Asras's sentient blade Durandal. Though he originally intimidates Ruca, he becomes one of his staunchest allies. This is because he was raised as a knight as the youngest child in a powerful family, and has been instilled with values that emphasize honor and loyalty. He fights with two swords and specializes in quick attacks and lightning magic.

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