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Lutus Elise

Японское имя: エリーゼ・ルタス
Age: 12 (ToX), 13 (ToX2)
Race: Human
Hometown: Ha Mil (A Jule)
Height: 145 cm
Weapon: Tipo / Staff
Seiyu: Yuki Horinaka

Elise Lutus is one of the playable main characters of the game Tales of Xillia and of the game Tales of Xillia 2.

A twelve year old from the mountain village of Ha Mil in A Jule. She is a master of Summoning Spirit Artes despite the fact that she is still very young but is incredibly shy due to the eerie and strange environment in which she was raised. She carries a purple doll called Tipo which does most of the talking for her. Though she dislikes the company of most people, she extremely adores Jude, who rescued her from the persecution she suffered in her home town, In fact, she states that Jude is her first very best friend. Her special ability is "Switch Tipo", which has two modes. During "Tipo On" Tipo rides on her back, enabling ranged attacks from her staff and increasing the strength of her summoning artes. During "Tipo Off" Tipo hovers around her, enabling melee attacks that are delivered through Tipo and allowing it to protect Elise while she is casting.


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"Tales of" Series Wachatto! Rubber Strap Collection: Tales of Xillia

soft PVC (Rubber), Sol International

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