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Ogata Aoi

Японское имя: 緒方 蒼
Aoi Ogata is a junior secretary of President Takishima, Kei's grandfather, and often serves as the President's emissary. He is nineteen years old. Aoi has a cold and calm character, and has always been expressionless, not smiling even once, but is actually kindhearted and socially awkward in some respects. Like Kei, he has the ability to see something only once and memorize it, though his ability made him a victim of teasing as a child. He first met Kei when he was eight and Kei was five, and came to admire and deeply respect Kei, coming to see him as an almost kindred spirit. Aoi initially appears when he is sent to Japan from London, on orders to convince Kei to transfer to London, which had been planned by Kei's grandfather. When Aoi discovers what is causing Kei to hesitate, Aoi tries to eliminate the problem: Hikari. He tries to threaten her, but Kei beats him up, and then tries to bribe her but ends up having a cheque ripped to pieces by Hikari. Afterwards, he realizes that he should not pressure Kei into the situation that he is not ready for and also realizes that he is most at peace when he sees Hikari and Kei smiling.


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