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Jonochi Ayame

Японское имя: 城之内綾女
Ayame Jōnōchi is a classmate of Kyoya and Tamaki, and the class vice-chairman of 2-A. Ayame became Haruhi's tutor when Haruhi failed to be top of her cohort. Despite hating Tamaki for his eccentricities, and the fact that he's always second in class (Ayame was consistently third after Tamaki came to Ouran), she had a crush on the Host Club President. Initially, she permed her hair straight, but after Tamaki's advice, she reverted to her natural hairstyle (wavy) and became a regular at the Host Club. She's also known for her ability to speak for a long time in a single breath; as such, her nickname among the Host Club members is "Morse Code Lady". In the anime, her appearance is limited to a cameo in episode 24, when Tamaki introduced himself to her (and Kyoya).


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