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Krory Arystar

Японское имя: アレイスター・クロウリー三世
Arystar Krory the Third, is a 28-year-old Romanian man who was mistakenly identified as a vampire by nearby villagers because his Innocence caused him to instinctively attack people, which were actually akuma. He lived secluded from the world with Eliade, whom he loved. He later discovered she was an akuma, after a vicious battle that resulted with him killing her, he fell into despair. Allen then tells him to become an Exorcist to provide a reason for her death, so she would not have needlessly died. He becomes an Exorcist, though he continuously thinks of Eliade and mourns her death. Krory has a parasite-type anti-akuma weapon activates with the help of akuma blood giving him temporary superhuman strength. His anti-akuma weapon allows him to break down the poison in the akuma's blood and control his own blood, and the blood of others to an extent.


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Cocho-Colle: Arystar Krory The Third

Iron, PS, PVC, Yujin

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D.Gray-Man Mascot Keychain: Arystar Krory

PVC, Yujin

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D.Gray-man Hallow Bocchi-kun Acrylic Charm: Arystar Krory

Acrylic, ACG

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