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Fanel Folken

Прозвище: Stratego
Folken Fanel is Van Fanel's older [and only] brother. Folken abandoned Fanelia after being sent out to retrieve a drag-energist as his right of passage to becoming king. He joined forces with Emperor Dornkirk and the Zaibach Empire in hopes of ending war [through war, ironically]. He is torn between his roles as commander and brother, a conflict which is resolved by the end of the series.

Description from Wikipedia:
( The Strategos or tactician (軍師, gunji?) of Zaibach, Folken is revealed to be Van's older brother and the original heir to Fanelia. After he failed to kill a dragon, he lost an arm to the beast and was later picked up by the Zaibach, who nursed him back to health under Dornkirk's instructions and fitted him with a mechanical arm. He originally joined the empire in hopes of realizing Zaibach's ideals of a world free of war...)

For all that for the first few episodes of the series Folken seems like a rather heartless, robotic devote of Zaibach's regime, he reveals himself to be a profoundly brilliant and compassionate man. He is an engineer, a sorcerer, a chemist, and a strategist of a caliber paralleled only by Dornkirk himself. He is a true archetypal tragic villain; he truly does think that what he is doing is for the greater good. Ultimately, his desires go far beyond merely wanting to eliminate war--he wants to re-create the very laws of 'fate' governing a world he sees as otherwise doomed to seep itself in needless tragedy.

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