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Tsukayama Yutaro

Японское имя: 塚山 由太郎
Прозвище: Yutarou Tsukayama
Yutaro lived in a wealthy mansion on a hill, who was practically served and waited on everyday. He wanted to learn swordsmanship since his father was deemed as an excellent fighter.
Yutaro, who had inherited a lot of money after his parents died, wishes to learn swordsmanship to become as skilled as his father. When he sees Kenshin, he demands lessons on how to use a sword, but Kenshin refuses. Yutaro finds Raijuta, who plans to overthrow the Meiji government, instead. Yutarō becomes the rival to Myōjin Yahiko and the two gain a mutual desire to become better than one another. After Raijūta initiates a failed sneak attack on Kenshin's group, Raijūta slices Yutarō's right arm so that the nerves are severed, therefore making Yutarō unable to hold a sword with that hand. Yuzaemon takes Yutarō to Germany to get medical treatment. Before he leaves, however, Yahiko confronts him, scorns his sulking, and tells him that he can overcome his sorrow by working to be better than he imagined Raijuta to be. Yutaro responds that he will never stop practicing swordsmanship and his left arm is still enough to become great.

Voice Actor: Tanaka Mayumi


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