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Bin is one of Sio's henchmen and protector. When Sio was young, he was part of her foster family and always made people laugh beacause of the funny mask he wore. But after the town where he lived was destroyed (Sio blames Afro for this event) he suffered severe wounds and was reconstructed by the mad professor Dharman as a cybernetic fighter (similar to Jinno's situation). He wears the same mask that he had in the past to conceal his robotic appearance. Bin usually carries a boom box that can fire metal spikes and is capable of turning his left hand into a blade and his right hand into a laser canon as well as using his robotic feet to make huge leaps. He and the other henchmen despise Afro because they consider him responsible for their loss of humanity and desire to kill him in order to prevent Sio from becoming a murderer. After the other two henchmen are destroyed, he grabs Afro's leg with his last strenght and wants to detonate himself in order to kill him but Afro disposes of him by kicking his head off.

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