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Amano Ginji

Японское имя: 天野銀次
Прозвище: Lightning Emperor
Ginji Amano is the "G" in the GetBackers. He is 17 years old in the manga. He was formerly the leader of a gang called "The VOLTS" in the Limitless Fortress, being the fearsome Lightning Emperor.
He received the title Lightning Emperor because of his ability to control electricity. This control grants him several unique abilities such as amazing regenerative power and the ability to become a human magnet and battery. Despite Ginji's dark past, his demeanor is one of an unassuming, energetic, and friendly boy with a strong sense of justice. He makes friends easily, often without trying — and is trusting and open to an almost naive extent. However, when exposed to remnants of his past, he has a tendency to revert to his darker "Lightning Emperor" persona. For comical purposes, he also turns droopy and super deformed.

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GetBackers TV 49 7.59 7.61
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