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Xinia Glo

Name:Glo Xinia
Ring:Rain Mall Ring

Glo Xinia was first introduced during a Millefiore family meeting, transmitting from a remote location via hologram while hunting down the rings. At the meeting, he appears confident and quick-witted, catching on to Byakuran's plans almost instantly, where others at the table do not catch on so quickly. According to Byakuran, his inappropriate methods have caused him to clash with Shouichi in the past.
Glo Xinia is a captain of the White Spell's 8th Wisteria squad. Byakuran trusts his strength enough to send him out in retaliation of a possible appearance of the Varia. During this, he encounters the younger Chrome Dokuro, recently brought to the future by way of the ten-year-bazooka, in the abandoned Kokuyou Healthy Land building and proceeds to explain to her how he had defeated the future Mukuro and caused her future self to retreat.
He takes an almost sadistic pleasure in fighting and takes joy in explaining to her that her fighting methods are obsolete, while fighting with a box of the rain element, a riding crop, and an owl covered in the Dying Will Flame, later revealed to be playing host to Mukuro. His remarks during his fight with Chrome are often inappropriate, alluding to her supposed sexual prowess and his preference of her future body type. After his battle with Chrome and Mokuro he is hospitalised with severe injuries and a broken jaw, but it is later discovered that he planted a tracking device on Chrome. He also appears to know of a traitor within the Millefiore Family but due to his injuries, cannot tell Shoichi the information he has.
His name refers to the Gloxinia (or Shinningia) flower.


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