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Fukiyose Seiri

Японское имя: 吹寄 制理
Прозвище: The Iron Wall Girl
Touma's classmate, Aisa's best friend, often takes up roles of the class representative even though it's Aogami's the class representative. She dislikes people (namely Touma) who give up on their life and blame it on bad luck like toma, yet she secretly has a crush on him. It's debatable if she is tsundere towards Touma or only dislikes him because of his attitude towards life and school in general but for sure she does have a sort of friendly relationship with him, even sometimes playing a role of tsukkomi for Touma who acts as the bokke. She is mentioned as the girl who is "pretty but lacks sex appeal". She is a health-product freak and is frequently ordering different health products from the television shopping channels. Her abilities have yet to be revealed.


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Toaru Majutsu no Index II Season 2 TV 24 7.83 7.84
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EX Figure: Fukiyose Seiri

PVC, Sega

Rating: 6 | Comments: 5

Fukiyose Seiri

1/8, Resin, Individual sculptor

Rating: 6 | Comments: 0

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