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Stuart Laura

Японское имя: ローラ=スチュアート
Прозвище: Archbishop
The Archbishop of Necessarius and also the English Anglican Church. Despite being the Archbishop, she looks like an eighteen-year-old girl with long blonde hair that's 2.5 times her height; other than that, few details about her are unknown. She speaks funny Japanese, courtesy of Tsuchimikado Motoharu teaching her, though it was mentioned on a few occasions by Aleister and Stiyl as sounding 'weird', with Stiyl going further telling her it was a mistake to think of Tsuchimikado, who goes after his own sister, as a 'normal' Japanese person and learning Japanese from that source.

She loves baths and has a collection of the latest designs of baths from Academy City, courtesy of Aleister as a gift to sweeten relations between the two sides, in addition to other technology such as the latest design of washing machines given to the Necessarius female dormitories.


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