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Fermen Clay

Прозвище: Miras father
Clay Fermen is Mira and Keith's father who created the first Mechanical Bakugan named Ventus Altair for Lync in Cyber Nightmare. He also appeared in Facing Ace with Alpha Hydranoid. He also created Darkus Hades and Trap Darkus Fortress for Shadow. Professor Clay is also credited for making the Cyber Bakugan that were intended for Prince Hydron but are being reprogramed for Spectra by Lync. He also turns Pyrus Viper Helios into Pyrus Cyborg Helios after Helios gave him the idea of a Cyborg Bakugan. He also oversaw the test run of his creation Farbros in King Zenoheld's battle with the six Ancient Warriors. Besides Altair, Cyborg Helios, and Farbros, other examples of Professor Clay's Mechanical Bakugan creations are Aquos Brachium, Darkus Fortress, Subterra Dryoid, Dynamo, Fencer, Foxbat, Grafias, Grakus Hound, Hades, Klawgor, Leefram, Macubass, Metalfencer, Scraper, Spindle, Spitarm, Spyderfencer, and Wired. He also designed the Bakugan Termination System and is currently developing the Alternative Weapon system for King Zenoheld. As of Ultimate Weapon, he has finished the Alternative Weapon system (which he based on Farbros). In Final Fury, he was killed along with Hydron & Zenoheld when the Alternative System was destroyed, while he was watching the video sent by Fabia about the Bakugan at war.


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