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Sheen Fabia

Прозвище: princess of Neathia
She is 16 years old and first appears in episode 3 and brawled Dan Kuso with Aranaut, Fangoid, and Merlix, but lost. Before she battled Dan, she battled this unknown subterra brawler and won because she thought that he was the one who received her message (phantom data) but in the end she found out he was not the one.[2] After losing, Dan gloated about his win, telling her that she should not use the Bakugan for war, and that hostile forces like her were not welcome in Bakugan Interspace. Because of that, she decides to throw him and leaves, telling Dan that he did not know anything. Later, Shun Kazami finds her and asks to hear her story.
Ever since The Visitor, Fabia and Shun have been training, showing each other their combat skills. Shun believes Fabia's story about her being the princess of Neathia, the Gundalians being the evil ones and they return to Bakugan Interspace to warn the Battle Brawlers about Ren. When they arrive Dan is about to engage Jesse in a brawl, but Fabia interrupts him and brawls Jesse for herself. During the battle Ren encourages the Brawlers not to choose sides and let them destroy each other, but despite this Dan and Jake cheered Fabia on to win. She loses due to Ren and Jesse cheating, and she starts to cry. When Dan sees this he starts yelling at Jesse who quickly leaves. Shun and Fabia soon after expose Ren for the enemy, and the Gundalian runs from the arena. Marucho follows upset at how Shun, Fabia and the Brawlers were treating his new best friend.


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