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Ayukawa Ryuuji

Японское имя: 鮎川 龍二
Прозвище: Yuka
They are Yatora's classmate who invited Yatora to join the art club.

Yuka is boisterous and seemingly confident, despite their underlying anxieties. They act in a cutesy and flamboyant manner which tends to attract a lot of people to them.

They are closest to their grandmother, who is the reason why they decided to pursue Japanese Art. Yuka will often put on a bright demeanor in front of her, and when placed in stressful situations they are often brash and impulsive.

Voice Actor: Hanamori Yumiri


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Blue Period TV 12 7.62 7.72
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Blue Period Dakitsuki-tai: Ayukawa Ryuuji

PVC, Bandai

Rating: 4 | Comments: 0

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