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Han Wenqing

Японское имя: 韩 文清
Han Wenqing is an eSports player of Glory. He is the captain of Tyranny and the user of Desert Dust. He is considered Ye Qiu's true rival in the professional scene.

The King's Avatar Wiki

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The King's Avatar Season 1 ONA 12 8.09 8.22
The King's Avatar special Spesials ONA 3 7.88 8.18
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Nendoroid Han Wenqing

PVC, ABS, Good Smile Company

Rating: 15 | Comments: 7

The King's Avatar Collectible Figures Heart Gesture Ver: Han Wenqing

ABS, PVC, Good Smile Company

Rating: 4 | Comments: 0

Quanzhi Gaoshou Mid-Autumn Festival Q Ver: Han Wenqing


Rating: 3 | Comments: 0

Full-time Master Q Edition Lucky Cat Acrylic Keychain: Han Wenqing

Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Unknown

Rating: 2 | Comments: 0

Meow meow Full time expert two-sided rotate role: Yu Wenzhou/Swoksaar

PVC, ABS, Unknown

Rating: 1 | Comments: 0

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