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Chigasaki Itaru

Японское имя: 茅ヶ崎 至
Прозвище: Itarun
Itaru is a well mannered elite company employee with a refreshing and gentle aura of an adult. He is trusted by his co-workers and superiors alike and even within the company he is treated like a real prince. However, this is merely his daytime visage, once his free time arrives he changes completely. After Izumi offered him a room for him alone to use, he agreed to join the Mankai Company.

Whenever he is in professional mode, he is gentle and charming like a prince. He genuinely cares about others, but somewhat maintains his distance and likes to keep his private life to himself. The reason for this is, that his professional personality is, for the most part, merely a façade. His true personage is one of a passionate hardcore gamer and somewhat otaku. In this mode, he is not afraid to curse and be rude. Itaru also starts to get bit lazy and outright competitive.

Not much is known about Itaru's past. Before he joined Mankai he worked as a successful elite trading company and was quite popular within it. However, his only motivation to work hard was to finance his expensive hobby; gaming. To decrease his living expenses to save more money so he could later spend on games, he searched for a new cheaper room. Izumi found him looking at Bulletin Board on Velvet Way and he quickly agreed to join Mankai once the director assured him a room to himself, so he would not get disturbed while gaming.

Voice Actor: Asanuma Shintaro


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