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Olter Archid

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Японское имя: アーキッド・オルター / キッド
Прозвище: "Chid"
He is Ernesti's friend and Ady's twin brother.

He is kind and laid back. He can perceive certain situations and be quite reckless. He is blunt most of the time and cares deeply for Adeltrud and his friends. He knows when to back down and very brave. He follows Eru most of the time and considers him his mentor. He shows great fortitude, especially when he stood against Baltsar and beats him. He prefers to use raw power. However, he is also quite good at techniques although not as good as Eru and Ady.

Voice Actor: Sugawara Shinsuke


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Genco Rubber Strap Collection Knight's & Magic: Archid Olter

PVC, Genco

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