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Ожидает модерации!
Японское имя:
Age: 25
Height: 173 cm
Birthday: November 11
Likes: Peach and apple water

Momo is a member of idol duo Re:Vale, together with Yuki. They have been in an idol group together for 5 years, and he has underwear with Yuki's face printed on them. He is surprisingly serious at times. When he first met IDOLiSH7, he put on an act to try to scare them after hearing that Riku was scared, but revealed to them that it was an act after only a few moments.


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IDOLiSH7 Season 1 TV 17 7.71 8.33
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Ochatomo Series Idolish7 Seaside Party Vol.1: Momo

PVC, ABS, MegaHouse

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Idolish 7 Pearl Acrylic Collection: Momo

Acrylic Resin, Nylon, Metal, Sol International

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Twinkle 12 Acrylic Stand Idolish 7: Momo

Acrylic, Movic

Rating: 0 | Comments: 0

Idolish7 Swing vol.1: Momo

PVC, Bandai

Rating: 0 | Comments: 0

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