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Kouda Kouji

Японское имя: 口田 甲司
Прозвище: Anima
Kouji Kouda is a student at Yuuei training to become a Pro Hero. He is also a mutant-shape hero.

Kouji is a tall boy with a big muscular toned body, his head has the form of a rock shape with evenly-shaped block-like hair, as the top of his head is pointy while his chin is a dark peach color with a pentagonal shape.

Kouji is a very shy and quiet person, as such he rarely talks at all and prefers to using sign language to communicate with his classmates.

Kouji has a big phobia of insects as the mere sight of them would make him scream in fear. However, Kouji is willing to put aside his fear of insects if it means helping his comrades who are trying their hardest.

According to Fumikage, he 'keeps mum', meaning he is very good at keeping secrets.

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