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Ru Lushe Caro

Японское имя: キャロ・ル・ルシエ
Прозвище: Lightning 4
A pink-haired little girl with jewels on her gloves (which may be a reference to Magic Knight Rayearth, as were the names of the Wolkenritter) that are actually a new type of device, a "Boost Device" named Kerykeion. She seems to have a magic circle that is light pink, but then it also shows that she has a magical square just like Lutecia. She first uses her magical square in episode 17 when she summoned the Dragon King to destroy. Though she is not proficient in attack magics, she is good at boost magics and can perform the unique summon magics. Her unique talent as a dragon summoner was frightening to the Ru Lushe clan, by which she was raised, and they banished her from their native land of Arzus. On the other extreme, the TSAB almost refused her because, though her talent was great, her skills were not refined. However, Fate T. Harlaown took her on herself. Caro appears to have a slight romantic interest in Erio. She is currently a Rank C mage, and is assigned to the Lightning Squad as fullback.


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figma Caro Ru Lushe: Barrier Jacket Ver.

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Cocho-Colle Nanoha: Caro Ru Lushe

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Caro Ru Lushe

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Caro Ru Lushe

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Caro Ru Lushe

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Caro Ru Lushe

1/8, Resin, Individual sculptor

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