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Японское имя: ポックル
In the same Hunter exam as Gon, Pokkle ends up passing. He pursues his dream of becoming a Wildlife Hunter, discovering new types of animals and plants.

He eventually teams up with Ponzu, but ends up being captured by Chimera ants and manipulated by Nefelpitou into telling him about nen. After explaining, he is killed and eaten by the Queen.

In the Hunter exam Pokkle uses a bow and arrows tipped with a paralyzing poison. After discovering nen, he creates a hatsu called "Rainbow'. It can shoot 7 different arrows, every color of the rainbow. Every color has a different attribute. Only his red and orange arrow have been seen: flame element and the highest speed, respectively.


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Hunter x Hunter Season 1 TV 62 8.57 8.64
Hunter x Hunter (2011) Season 2 TV 148 8.95 9.02
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