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Capistrano Floreytia

Японское имя: フローレイティア=カピストラーノ
Прозвище: Booby Major
Major Floreytia Capistrano is a character of Heavy Object light novel series written by Kamachi Kazuma. She is the commander of the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion of the Orthodox Kingdom. Heivia and Quenser work under her command.

Floreytia is very interested with Japanese culture, with tatami mats laid across the floor of her office and various Japanese decorations placed throughout her office. She is usually seen smoking a kiseru (or Japanese smoking pipe). She possesses an exceptional figure, which Heivia and Kwenser notice; she also receives an unusual nickname due to her well-endowed figure: "Booby Major". Floreytia comes from the Capistrano family, which is famous for possessing "almost 100% male descendant".

She is supposed to undergo a political marriage, but she manages to evade the wedding by faking her death in the battlefield. She boasts a flawless record of 100% wins as a commander of Object pilots, but she admits to have regrets over her achievements.

Voiced by: Itou Shizuka


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Ichiban Kuji Premium Kamachi Kazuma no Saiten Shiriizu Dainidan Sakka Seikatsu 10 Shuunen Kinen: Floretia Capistrano Kyun-Chara

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Floretia Capistrano

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Floretia Capistrano Santa Costume ver.

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Minna no Kuji Heavy Object: Floreytia Capistrano Deformed Figure


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Minna no Kuji Heavy Object: Floreytia Capistrano Rubber Strap

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