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Ord Harry

Японское имя: ハリー・オード
Harry Ord is a fictional character in Turn A Gundam. Harry is the head of Dianna's Royal Guard, reporting directly to the Queen herself. He pilots a distinctive gold-plated MRC-F20 SUMO and is easily one of the most skilled fighters in the series. An accomplished military strategist, Harry judges situations with a cool and rational demeanor. He is the only person who is readily able to distinguish between Kihel Heim and Dianna Soreil.
Harry remains loyal to Dianna throughout the series. Though he falls in love with Kihel, his duty to the throne always comes first. He uses a large pair of red sunglasses to mask his true feelings.

Calm and collected, Harry's primary concern is the safety of Queen Soriel, and it is only when that is threatened that he shows signs of breaking his tranquil demeanor. He has a strong sense of justice, and will sometimes go as far as to confront even his Queen about matters that he views are irrational and unjust.

The Queen of the Moonrace and her safety is the veritable raison d'être, as he puts her above all else. His loyalty to the Moonrace comes secondary to Dianna's.

The Heim's oldest daughter was nonexistent to Harry for the beginning of the story, but after he discovers that she and Dianna switched places, he starts to develop strong feelings for her.

Unlike the typical masked ace of a series, Harry does not see Loran as a rival, or even as much of a threat. He confronts him only when he feels that Loran's activity is stepping out of bounds, and as the story progresses he develops a degree of respect for Loran and his ideals.


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