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Kamura Naozumi

Японское имя: 加村直澄
Naozumi-kun comes into the story later in the series. He is a child actor, just like Sana-chan and he even has the same past as her! Naozumi has been stalking Sana since she was 5 years old and has huge photo albums of everything about her... from newspaper and magazine clippings and pictures to interviews.

All the girls in Sana's class all have huge crushes on him, and almost all the girls in the country like him. Everyone defines him as a "pretty boy" or a bishounen, meaning he's really handsome and charming.

Naozumi is completely infatuated with Sana. He has been stalking her ever since she was five and knows almost everything about her. Now, since Naozumi is a threat to Hayama and Sana's relationship, Naozumi is also complete enemies with Hayama. Sana, of course, doesn't realize that he likes her, and when he declares his love for her, Sana thinks that he's only a fan.

He's very proper and a really nice guy on the outside, while on the inside, he is ambitious and very possessive. He also has no problem with telling Sana how much he loves her. He always goes into a daze of sorts and starts mumbling about how he loves Sana and etc.


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