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AmiAmi sale loot!

AmiAmi sale loot!
26 сен 2012 03:24:39

I just received an order of stuff I got on sale from Amiami and thought I'd talk about them a bit. This was an impulse buy that I initially regretted but when I got them in hand I was pleasantly surprised!

Out of the two Miyafuji surprised me the most. I was expecting the worst from her horrible paint bad quality control etc. This figure is none of that! Aside from a somewhat weak paint job she has none of the problems I had with Mio She stays together firmly at the waist and had all the proper leg parts.

On a technical level the Figma is superior. The sculpt and paint are mutch better on the Figma particularly in neutral poses.

However the AGP is a better action figure She is funner to pose and looks mutch better in dynamic action poses then the Figma. I'm really satisfied with her and I'm starting to like the Strike Witches AGP more. I think I might get more AGPs in the future (the Erica Hartmann is tempting me) now my main problem is that I'm not sure if they are worth the asking price.

The other figure I got was Chibi-arts Blue Rose. I haven't watched Tiger & Bunny yet (It's on my watch list) but I like Her design and a the price of 680 yen I couldn't resist.

Her quality is really great very mutch comparable to Nendoroids, the paint and sculpt is on par with them. The only real negative about her is her poseability, She has a Nendoroid style joint in her neck and her shoulders rotate. So her legs are unposeable and you have to swap them to change their pose. Despite this she is a really nice Nendoroid style figure and definitely worth the price I payed.

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chibi-arts Blue Rose
chibi-arts Blue Rose
AGP Yoshika Miyafuji Shinden Equipped Ver.
AGP Yoshika Miyafuji Shinden Equipped Ver.
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Chiaki (Australia)
26 сен 2012, 07:16:11
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Congrats on your purchase. Hope you are enjoying them!
mu597 (USA)
26 сен 2012, 20:13:34
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Thanks! As you can probably tell from the post I am enjoying them.
Ermugand (Russia)
06 июн 2013, 10:01:12
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Задумываюсь о покупке ненда от бандая... вот смотрю по фото у розы кожа не блестит, а у котецу почему-то блестит... Разрешите мое недоумение)) Матовая кожа у фигурки?

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