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MU's Spring 2012 anime reviews

MU's Spring 2012 anime reviews
10 июн 2012 23:55:51

Hello everyone! I thought I'd share my thoughts on the shows I watched during the last anime season. While most of these shows aren't finished yet I think I've seen enough to do reviews on them.

Shirokuma Cafe

This was the show I was looking foreword to the most this season and it did not disappoint! It is a fairly stranded "Slice of Life" anime but with cute animals instead of moe schoolgirls. a good amount of the humor comes from the fact that they are animals put into everyday situations, for example Panda's search for a job ends up with him working at a zoo spoiler as well as the running gag of Polar Bear's bad puns. Overall I think this anime is a nice change of pace from all the fanservicey moe shows we get these days.

More Screenshots

Shiba Inuko-san

The episodes are too short.


I wasn't sure what to expect from this one but I really enjoyed it! It's sort of like K-On! but with guns instead of music. The episodes seem to switch between moe fanservice and gun fanservice (as well as a mix of both) and some fun tactical gunfights, as well as "fun facts" about the guns. The story is weak, but I think that is one of the shows strengths, when shows like this try too hard to have a plot it makes them less enjoyable in my opinion (I'm looking at you Strike Witches)

The characters personality's are based off the guns they represent for example Eru is a L85A1 assault rifle witch is known for being unreliable, She is portrayed as a shy and frail character. One thing that is a bit confusing is weather the characters are simply personifications of guns or if they are the guns! If you like moe and/or guns I think you will probably find something to like in this anime.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

Ok this one isn't an anime but it's interesting enough for me to share. I don't watch Power Rangers Sentai shows but this one really caught my attention. The plot is that three otakus have been requited to defend Akihabara from monsters who are trying to remove all otaku related things from the city. The show features a lot of references and jokes to Sentai shows as well as otaku culture in general. For example their transformation devices are anime figures!

Even if you aren't familiar with Sentai shows (like me) you wont be completely lost and will still find plenty to enjoy, as the humor and story are strong enough on their own.

Here is the shows intro which is worth a look.

Unfortunately it seems that nothing in this next upcoming season interests me. (except for the new version of Upotte!! witch seems like it might be the same exact thing) Maybe I will finally get around to finishing Pretty Cure! probably not
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Shirokuma Cafe
Shirokuma Cafe
Shiba Inuko-san
Shiba Inuko-san
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Talionata (Russia)
11 июн 2012, 11:31:36
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Well...I think Shirokuma Cafe cool anime! I want to watch it.)
Vallefor (Russia)
14 июл 2012, 05:02:26
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I want to try "Upotte!!".
Other I think not for me :)

Or may be Feba persuade me to watch Shirokuma Cafe, lol.
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mu597 (USA)
14 июл 2012, 07:18:23
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Upotte!! is worth a watch if you like moe anime.

And Shirokuma Cafe is just an all around fun anime to watch.

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