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Some of my favorite anime and game music

Some of my favorite anime and game music
17 авг 2011 23:18:49

Inspired by MrsSkeeter's post here's a list of some my favorite anime and game music. I whuld have posted more but I started to get errors on youtube :(

My favorite game series is Jet Set Radio and one of my favorite parts of the series is the music (I own all 4 soundtrack CD's that I know exist) There are so many good songs that I couldn't pick just one here are the Jet Set Medley songs from bolth game's end credits.

My favorite part of the anime Initial D is the eurobeat songs they play during the races, these two Night Of Fire and One Night in Arabia are my favorates. These videos are taken from the SUPER EUROBEAT youtube page they have a ton of videos like this to show the proper para para dance to the song. XD

Panty and stocking was the first anime that I NEEDED to own the soundtrack from this song Beverly Hills Cock is one of my favorites.

Not a song I'd listen to normally, but you got to love the cheesiness! It's It's Ai o Torimodose!! aka YOU WA SHOCK! from Fist of the North Star.

Beautiful Story from Getsumen to Heiki Mina I don't really have anything particular to say about this one other then I like it.

And while it's not necessarily an anime song one of the villains from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is named after this song. It's Chocolate Disco by Perfume!

Maybe I'll do a second one of thees later...
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MrsSkeeter (Germany)
18 авг 2011, 10:20:38
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I also just love Panty & Stocking soundtrack. Lots of cool songs)
Listening to all the other tracks on your list!

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