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18 авг 2012 16:11:53

I noticed that there is a big lack of pokemon figures and plushies and keychains ext. on here. I would add to them but even the ones i own, I dont know the details of. I also have a sailor mercury chibi (i think its a keychain but i cant remember now XD) that isnt on the site. Once again I'd add it but I dont know what it was released as, as i got it at a yard sale or something. Anywho! If i am going to add them I'll need help. So anyone out there whos a Pokemon addict? Or a sailor moon lover? Or any other anime lover? I'm sure someone has posted something similar to this, but seriously! Pokemon!? Who dosnt know pokemon! (sorry to those who dont know pokemon :))
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eMKa (Russia)
18 авг 2012, 16:38:49
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You can try to find some info adout items here ^_^
no photo
18 авг 2012, 18:40:56
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Thank you!

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