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Введение Surface Parcel для России на Amiami

Введение Surface Parcel для России на Amiami
08 дек 2020 12:00:08

Итак это случилось! Не прошло и восьми месяцев (а нет, прошло): Amiami ввёл для России доставку Surface Parcel. Новость:

Surface Parcel
We would like to announce that Surface Parcel through Japan Post, will become available as a shipping method on our website for the following countries/regions:

Notes regarding Surface Parcel:
1) This shipping method can be very slow, sometimes taking up to several months until delivery (average shipping times around 1-3 months).
2) Tracking is available.

Regarding orders currently on hold for shipment:
We will offer assistance to update orders that are currently on hold for shipping, please contact our support if you need any help.
If you have any questions regarding the new shipping methods, then please contact our support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Доступен только Surface Parcel. Surface Small Packet отсутствует, поэтому покупка штучной мелочёвки вроде нендов не очень-то выгодна. Также нет информации о возможности переключения "замороженных" заказов на Surface Parcel. По поводу "замороженных" заказов обещают связаться.

Прислали вот такое письмо, ссылаясь почему-то на новый заказ, который и так Surface Parcel (лол)... Будут действовать по стандартному шаблону: возврат денег и оплата по новой, все потери на курсах за ваш счёт.

We are contacting you to inform that your order has been placed on hold for shipment. This is due to a temporary shipping suspension to your country/region, and your order will be shipped once shipping resumes.

The suspension is affecting the following shipping methods: EMS, Air and all SAL shipping methods.

There are currently no available shipping methods that you can select for this order. Please note that suspended shipping methods will be shipped when shipping resumes to your country/region.

Please check our support page below to confirm the latest updates on temporary shipping suspensions due to COVID-19.

If you are unsure which shipping methods are currently available to your country, please contact our customer support.

Please note the following:
*If you wish to change the shipping method for your order, we will first need to refund your original payment and then send a new invoice for the order with the new total including the updated shipping costs. We are not able to accept payment for only the cost difference between the shipping methods.

*You do not need to reorder the item(s).

*Any transaction fees or currency exchange rate differences for the refund will not be covered by our store. Also, depending on your original payment method, refunds may take some time to process and these processing times are outside of our store's control. Please contact PayPal, your bank, or credit card company for more information on when the refund will be processed.

*Only unshipped and returned orders can be changed to a different shipping method.

Без какого-либо запроса или подтверждения с моей стороны прилетают два письма: первое — о возврате платежа и второе — с новым счётом за EMS (который не летает):
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Rem -Oniyome- 1/7 Complete Figure(Released)
Unit price 12,166 JPY x 1 unit(s) = 12,166 JPY
Subtotal: 12,166 JPY
Shipping:7,240 JPY
Grand total:19,406 JPY

Shipping method: EMS
Payment method: PayPal

Если открыть страницу оплаты заказа в магазине, то там написано:
Unfortunately, this order cannot be shipped by Surface Parcel as the size exceeds the limits for your country.

Amiami, пиздоглазые мудаки, вы там совсем ебанулись?! Я точно знаю, что заказанная фигурка может быть отправлена SAL Parcel, и я не давал согласия на возврат платежа. На ровном месте просрано ~780 рублей.

Achtung! Магазин начал делать возвраты платежей за старые заказы, даже не спрашивая на то согласия покупателей.
Есть подтверждение подобного блядства со стороны магазина в комментариях от ряда полочников.
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