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Review post - Resonance Of Fate

Review post - Resonance Of Fate
24 апр 2010 22:12:11

Hi all.

Ehh.. Yesterday I felt like crap because I got a bit sick. But today I'm feeling a little better so I went to the nearest game-shop and bought a new PS3 video game - Resonance Of Fate.

Here is the disk cover:

It's a JRPG for PS3 and XBOX360 which was released in January 28 (Japan) and March 16 (Europe). I've never played this type of games expect Final Fantasy XIII, so it was interesting to try it and compare with FF.

The Welcome Cinematic video was very cool, character models and animation was perfect. After starting the game you will see another detailed video which seems to have no connection with the first, but it's not true :)
So.. the first two videos are really intriguing (more than FFXIII ones, IMHO) so I immediately wanted to play it and to know what is going on :P

After these videos you will get full control of three characters (you can see them on the cover) and get some instructions for your first task. The tasks are divided into main and side ones as usual. Some side quests you can complete only during the current chapter. In general, nothing unusual, but you already have some alternative at the start, which is good for me :)

Okay... now I want to tell you about the most important part of game - the fight system.
I heard that it frightened many people but not me. I like hardcore games xD
Yes, fight system is really hard to understand at first, (small off topic: you will see no tutorial when you get engaged in your first battle. For tutorial you need to go to the arena at your first location (don't forget to do it like I did!!)) but later you will understand that the system is really nice! It's a mixture of a real-time and turn-based one. It means that if you do nothing the enemy will stand still as well, but if you start to use a skill, charge your weapon, move or "pass your turn" - the enemies will start to act with you.
My first boss-fight was really like a wipe fest (I can not remember how many times I died. BTW, if one of your characters dies - the game is over).
Don't want to say more, but if you like tactics in games you will like this fight system :)

Few words about graphics:
The cinematic videos in the game are the same quality as in FF XIII. That's very good, what else do you need to become eager to finish the game?
But the game-play graphics looks worse than FF XIII. Thought the character animation looks very impressive and detailed, so I like it :)

And at last, here is some stuff taken from other resources:

World settings

Official trailer

Some screen shots

P.S. After whole day of playing I feel better now, hopefully tomorrow I'll be fine :))
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pluvia33 (USA)
24 апр 2010, 13:27:46
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I'm really looking forward to playing this game. I'll put it in after I finish FFXIII, but that may take a while. I'm only a little more than half way through and haven't had much time to play lately (or to do much else for that matter), for various reasons.

Glad you enjoy it. So far I've seen very mixed reviews for the game. I think I'll like it, though. ^_^
Glory (Russia)
24 апр 2010, 13:40:45
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Yeah, Vall described it quite fine. The in-game graphics and the whole atmosphere look rather old-fashioned. Because of the post-apocalyptic setting - it even reminded me of the first Fallout. You have to read lots of stuff, inspect lots of stuff, try different tactics, die a hundred of times - everything in gray colors. But being an old hand in gaming I somehow managed to get fun out of it all. I really don't know how the new generation of gamers will like this game though. And yeah, the first cinematic video is fantastic.
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