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Otakon 2012 Report Prologue

Otakon 2012 Report Prologue
31 июл 2012 22:17:50

Hello, fellow My Anime Shelf users.

This past weekend, I had my usual "summer vacation" by attending the biggest anime convention in the East Coast, Otakon. As usual, I've picked up a lot of goodies at the convention and taken plenty of cosplay pictures. While I haven't decided on the total number (it will either be three or four parts), I have decided that just like last year's report, given what I picked up in the Dealers' Room, I plan to do more than just my usual con purchases and cosplay posts for this convention.

Just a heads up here: it could be a while before some sections of the report are posted here. There's three main reasons for this:

1. Having returned from the convention, I'm not only recovering from it (via taking naps during the day ), but I'm also returning back to my regular routine, which includes returning to work on Thursday;

2. Along with these reports, I'm also writing a "general" con report to post on Fandom Post as well.

3. I just got in the mail today the latest MST3K box set, which means a few early evening hours will be devoted to watching the set. Besides, if you're an MST3K fan, you'd probably will want to watch the set to if you know that it'll include this moment:

With that said, expect my Otakon 2012 coverage some time throughout the next few days (I'm hoping to start at least the con purchases report later tonight).
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norfolk_s3d (Russia)
01 авг 2012, 09:20:17
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>expect my Otakon 2012 coverage some time throughout the next few days
Roger that.

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