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Croisée in an American Labyrinth

Croisée in an American Labyrinth
04 июн 2012 05:55:21

It's been a quiet period for me the past few months here at My Anime Shelf. While I do check out the site daily, I haven't really been very active in terms of blog posts and pictures. I personally blame this lack of activity on two things:

1. It's off-season for me in terms of attending conventions (i.e. there's nothing really around the DC area that I'm aware of in the spring months other than a small comic book show);

2. One figure that I preordered ended up getting delayed from its original April release date.

Luckily, with June now rolling in, this slump is about to come an end with numerous figures coming out and my "annual summer vacation" known as Otakon weekend taking place near the end of July (rest assured that I'll have plenty of money for that con). Kicking things off is something that I hinted about in a reply to a blog post about 1 1/2 weeks ago.

While there hasn't really been any items there that I felt I need to pre-order coming out during the spring months, I still checked the Japanese figure sites regularly for sales. Among them are the recent batch of bargain sales that's going on at Hobby Search. While browsing the site, I found one sale item that interest me: a Nendoroid figure of Yune from Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth.

The figure arrived in the post this past Wednesday (although I had to pick it up at the post office since I was doing my weekly mall trip when the express mail person tried to drop it off at my home).

As expected, here's my pictures of the figure:

3D Pic for 3DS Users
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Emily (Russia)
04 июн 2012, 09:47:06
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kawaii *-*
«К тому же, он безбожный садист. Один неверный шаг с твоей стороны, и он превратится в беспощадного убийцу. Извращенец, кусок дерьма и подонок в одном лице - вот кто он»
Talionata (Russia)
04 июн 2012, 14:52:24
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Оцени коммент!
Perfect Yune! congratulations!
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
04 июн 2012, 16:15:01
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She's such a cutie!
megumi_vocaloid (United Kingdom)
05 июн 2012, 15:40:15
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She is so cute
07 июн 2012, 15:22:06
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Оцени коммент!
She is darling! Another one to add to my "I really want!" list!

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