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A "Squirrely" Addition

A "Squirrely" Addition
27 окт 2011 05:51:02

With things about to pick up again (with a number of figures arriving at my doorstep the next few months and me attending Anime USA next month). it's time to get back to habit of writing blog posts showcasing my latest purchases, which brings me to today's blog post.

On Saturday, the first of what's going to be many figurine purchases in the next few months arrived on my doorstep.

As a gamer, I've played the fighter games in the Blazblue series. When it comes to the more recent releases (i.e. Continuum Shift 2), one of my mains has been Makoto, the squirrel girl friend of main female character Noel. If the idea of a hot girl with squirrel ears and a tail don't interest you in playing as her, then maybe her Astral Finish will:

When I first heard about Good Smile coming out with a figure of her, my interest perked up a bit, as I've been interested in picking up a figure based on a Arc System Works fighter (the problem being that Dizzy usually ended up being expensive). It's when I finally saw pictures of the figure that I decided to order it, as she definitely had a nice bod.

Since this isn't a figure that I can change the pose, I went with a different approach when it came to taking photos of Makoto. My main plan here was to take photos of the figure from different angles so that way I can show off her two main physical attributes (one of which being the tail). Besides the lighting of the flash, I felt it turned out quite well.

...and, as people have probably gotten accustomed to, I also have a picture of her for those with a 3DS system (phew, looks like I don't have to find a new place to upload these pictures after all).
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urusaiX3 (Russia)
27 окт 2011, 15:23:08
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very cute
rupanRinsan (Estonia)
27 окт 2011, 17:36:40
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She's adorable.
Я так чувствую, что если попаду в ад, то Сатана назначит общение со мной в качестве пытки.
Chiaki (Australia)
28 окт 2011, 22:40:54
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Kio (Russia)
05 мар 2015, 11:06:37
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Normalno tak 8)

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